Avenidor, The first Premium passive house 100% autonomous in the world.

  • Passive House labeled "Passive Premium" by Passivhaus Institut, the highest level of qualification in terms of environment and energy savings
  • Autonomous (water, electricity, wastewater, internet & telephony) and innovating thanks to a set of advanced technologies


 Centre recherche et developpement maison passive

Vue cote maison avenidor

Vue face maison avenidor

Avenidor sous la neige face sud est


Sustainable Habitat Research and Development Center

Located in our Sustainable Habitat Research and Development Center, with its facade inspired by the city center of Colmar, where the half-timberings set up combine the architecture of the past with that of today, we demonstrate that AVENIDOR houses can be customized to the wishes of our customers. In a nutshell, our passive houses can look like traditional pavilions or futuristic buildings while having the same performance.

In the middle of Creuse department, Avenidor is innovating in a preserved and natural land. In front of a vast landscape, it deals with huge gap of temperature with sometimes -15°C during winter and 35°C during summer and 100% humidity. These conditions are ideals to prove that your house will accompany you by its performance and innovation whatever the region.

Its interior decoration is also very elaborated with the most efficient equipments available today. Its design is inspired by nature elements such as air, fire, water and earth.


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Because comfort, health and quality can't be felt through a screen, our R&D center is also and above all an opportunity for you to realize yourself-the added value of this innovation compared to the others house constructors. We are convinced that building your home is not a matter of square meters, it is your quality of life that is at stake. Do not hesitate to come visit us and understand this performance !


Visit the R&D center and the house Avenidor


After two years of research and development, the analysis of data collection (temperature, humidity, CO², etc.) and the development of our products, today we are launching the commercialization of Avenidor so that this innovation can benefit everyone.

Whether you are dreaming of classical or contemporary architecture, we will be at your disposal to accompany you in your project.



customize my AVENIDOR house


In front of transport, building accounts for the majority of CO2 emissions, including 1/4 pollution at construction and 3/4 at use. The house Avenidor by its innovation reduces pollution during construction and disappears pollution in use which gives it a carbon footprint 6 times lower than the RT2012.

Centre R&D avec Aria 2

Far from stopping there, we are continuing to innovate and are now developing ARIA, our biosourced house, in straw carrier (Nebraska method). A constructive method, little known in France, that we want to make accessible to everyone.
There are other projects that are under way, and we’re not going to stop there...


 Gros plan mur paille