A Dual Flow Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (VMC) system is installed in Avenidor in order to renew indoor air. The VMC extracts dirty air from damp rooms and injects new air into living rooms. Thanks to an extremely efficient heat exchanger, heat losses are minimal. In itself, double flow VMC is necessary for a passive housse because it considerably reduces heat loss, odours and regulates humidity. 




Thanks to this advanced technology, the indoor air of your house Avenidor is perfect for your health. Remember that the indoor air of a classic house is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the outside and therefore dangerous for your health. According to an ANSES study of April 2014 entitled "Exploratory study on the socio-economic cost of indoor air pollutants", indoor air pollution would kill nearly 20,000 French people a year.

The subject is far too little discussed and most French people say they enjoy a healthy indoor air without knowing on what criteria to base this affirmation.

The effects on our health can be immediate or long-term (chronic or serious diseases). They depend on the nature of the pollutant and the quantities inhaled, the age of the subject, his vulnerability, his habits. Inhalation of poor air can cause: Kidney cancers caused by inhalation of trichloroethylene, leukaemia due to exposure to benzene, lung cancers due to radon or passive smoking, carbon monoxide poisoning, cardiovascular diseases caused by particle respiration, etc.

It is because we spend most of our time in closed places that it is essential that we can offer you much more than the air quality of a classic house. Your house Avenidor will rid your health of all known pollutants: biological pollutants, chemical pollutants (CO, VOCs, phthalates, lead...), particles and fibres, radioactive gases, moisture, tobacco.