The avenidor houses are carried out by two distinct construction modes: masonry or carrier straw.

Masonic structure in cellular concrete

Cellular concrete blocks represent the building's mineral material that produces the least amount of gray energy (200 kWh / m³ versus 1,850 kWh / m³ for reinforced concrete). As a result, cellular concrete makes it possible to construct masonry bearing walls with a relatively low environmental impact. The thermal performances associated with this material as well as the feedback on available experience make it a sure value to design an extremely efficient house.

100% organic structure in carrier straw

How can we build a house that does not impact the environment during its entire life cycle? This is the question that led us to develop prototype straw carrier.

The production of gray energy related to the production of straw bales is almost nil. In addition, the straw has very satisfactory thermal properties (R = 7 m².K / W). Although it sounds crazy, the straw makes it possible to obtain a house offering a comfort of life far superior to the BBC houses corresponding to the RT2012.

think your future, imagine a 100% autonomous home, 100% bio-sourced, providing a technologically advanced level of life ... imagine your home avenidor.