The comfort of an avenidor house is simply exceptional

  • Temperature
  • Noise
  • Air flow
  • Brightness


The loss of heat is greatly reduced by external thermal insulation and airtightness. This allows, throughout the year, to have a temperature felt around 21 ° C. Solar gains will be the main reason, followed by the metabolic contributions that represent the heat released by the equipment (dishwashers, computers, etc.) as well as that of the occupants. The result is a pleasant temperature to live throughout the house and all year round.


Joineries in triple glazing offer a very high acoustic comfort. In addition, the cold radiation emanating from the inner faces of the windows becomes almost imperceptible. However, it is at the level of ventilation vents that performance is important. In the Avenidor houses, the noise associated with ventilation (air and exhaust air) is around 20dB! Knowing that we consider that a very calm atmosphere is at a level of 40 dB ...

Air flow

The airtightness and optimum management of the dual stream VMC provide an environment where drafts are non-existent. No more unpleasant cold air that passes under the door, through the windows ... It's a comfort of life that only passive houses can offer.


In addition to providing solar energy that is essential for home heating, the floor-to-ceiling windows and windows offer visual comfort and a truly pleasant influx of natural light. Once again, Avenidor houses make maximum use of natural resources to achieve exceptional living comfort.